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Advance Placement Students Learning Advanced Courses along with Independence

The AP Fair.

The AP Fair.

Sofia Domingo

Sofia Domingo

The AP Fair.

Sofia Domingo, Reporter

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On November 1, 2017, James Campbell High School (JCHS) held their annual Advanced Placement (AP) Fair in the gym, providing an opportunity for students to learn more about the variety of  AP courses and to communicate with AP teachers and students.

AP Statistic booth and the AP fair. Photo by Sofia Domingo.


Learning is not just about listening to a discussion and taking notes. “AP classes will help students learn independence. They can develop some of their study skills not just in their content, but general overall learning skills,” said Ann Tanaka, the AP Literature teacher at JCHS.

AP courses are more like college classes; the work is more high paced and the students are very focused. “Taking AP courses benefit me because it is an advanced class, having a challenging class to take in your high school years prepare you for those rigorous courses that you have to take in college,”  said Chad Domingo, a sophomore, who is taking AP Statistics and AP English in JCHS.

AP courses can also help students with their careers. “I would like to major in aerospace engineering, I believe that these AP classes will prepare me for the hard work that I have to accomplish in order to get the major I want in the future,” said Domingo.


The AP Calculus booth at the AP Fair. Photo by Sofia Domingo.

A sophomore student, Jayron Munoz, is in a regular class, and one of the many students who attended the AP Fair. “I want to learn how it is going to help me in the future for college,” said Munoz. “AP classes will help me, even though it’s going to be hard, but they’re going to help me improve my English and math.” These courses are very helpful, especially if students want to improve themselves.


“It’s worth it in the end because it shows that you have gone through a challenging course without dropping and have pursued a course that not everyone in this school takes,” Domingo said. Taking AP courses is a great opportunity for students who want to experience a high-level education and dedicate their time to learning. 

If you’re interested and want to learn more about the AP Courses at JCHS, here are the links:

AP Language and Composition   

AP Literature and Composition

AP Human Geography

AP Computer Science Principles 

AP Computer Science A

AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB

AP US History

AP World History

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science


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