The Importance of Student Voice in the School Community Council

Charlise Limjoco-Ragasa, Reporter

James Campbell High School’s (JCHS) School Community Council (SCC) is a diverse forum that includes not only JCHS Administration and staff, but also parents, teachers, and local community business owners that seek involvement for the betterment of JCHS.  Similarly to other councils, the SCC has everything that a regular student council has – a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and representatives.

There are approximately 10-12 individuals that attend each meeting, and among these individuals are the two elected student representatives of the school: junior Student Association members Maya Abarca and Daniella White.  Both Abarca and White were voted in by the SCC to represent the student body’s concerns.

White says that she is “all about student voice.”  Her primary motives for participating in these once a month forum meetings are to ensure that student concerns are being voiced and represented within the school board.  “We do our very very best to advocate not for our opinions, but what we believe the student body would like,” White said.

It is only fitting that the SCC be comprised of student representatives, given that all decisions made by them have a direct impact on student life and performance at JCHS.  “The council actually makes a lot of decisions regarding the student body… Campbell Graduation dates, dress code options, tardy trackers, registration, etc,” White said. When asked about the importance of the council, White said that the SCC is made of “the people who are willing to meet and discuss these things. a lot of people don’t know the time and effort it takes to decide things for a student body of over 3,000 students.”  Often, conflicts that are too complex for student councils alone to resolve are brought to the attention of the SCC for administration, parent and community input.

“If we don’t meet, who else will?” White said.