Navigating the Misinformation Age

Keona Blanks, Editor

March 6, 2019

Picture this: a smiling Catholic high school student and his classmates donning MAGA hats. They’re standing in front of a chanting Native American elder. Sounds like a moment that could be interpreted in many ways, right? Well, it w...

The Need for a New Bell Schedule

Petriese Peralta, Reporter

September 13, 2018

        Waking up in the morning and realizing there’s school has got to be one of the least exciting experiences in the world. Students at James Campbell High School (JCHS) have to wake up early as they begin to start an...

Our Disconnected Generation

Our Disconnected Generation

February 26, 2018

Medical Marijuana Legalized in Hawaii

Sofia Domingo, Reporter

December 4, 2017

In the year 2017, Hawaii Legislature approved the dispensary of medical marijuana, however, it is only used to treat medical conditions. On August 9, 2017, Aloha Green started to let patients, with their dispensary licenses, purc...

Letter From Editor

Makena Pauly, Copy Editor/ Website Manager

October 29, 2017

Dear Readers, Since this website is fairly new and most people are also new to Ewa Naupaka itself, introductions are in order. I am Makena Pauly the Copy Editor and now the Website Manger of Ewa Naupaka, my personal goal is ...