Girls Soccer Overview


Charlise Limjoco-Ragasa, Reporter

The James Campbell High School (JCHS) girls soccer coaches adorned the Waipio Soccer Complex with orange mohawks as the girls played their final game of the soccer season. This new do’ was part of a bet made between the coaches and the girls, which clearly stated that the coaches would have to sport the look if the girls made it to the championship game at the end of the season. The girls’ final game of the regular season was against Kapolei on January 8, 2019. Moving on to the playoff games, the girls made it through with three wins and one loss, ranking fifth out of all OIA girls soccer teams. Thus, they qualified for the state tournament. Their first game of the tournament led them to Maui, where they went against the Kamehameha Maui girls team. With seven minutes left on the clock, JCHS sophomore Jourdyn Curran scored the first and only goal of the game with a penalty kick, thereby defeating their opponents. Needless to say, the girls followed through with their end of the bargain with their coaches. Three games later, on February 4th, 2019 the Hawaii Soccer State Championships took place against Kamehameha Schools- Kapalama, in which the JCHS girls were runner-ups after the 1-0 loss.  “When we found out we were going to the championship game, we were very excited… throughout the week our coach would remind us that we still had work to do,” said senior JCHS player Olivia Laciste. “It was a really aggressive game. It was held at 1-0 for a very long time… we were with them the whole time.” Following the final whistle, the team was presented with their runner-up award. Laciste leaves this piece of advice for her younger teammates who will continue to play for the team: “Stay focused. Keep the end result in mind… it’s sad to think about losing, but if you think about how bad it felt to lose, then you’ll have more motivation to try and win the next time!”