Pep talk for students

Owen Agbayani, Reporter

Published Dec. 2020 in the Star Advertiser

Dear Students of Hawaii, 

In moments of vulnerability, and when the world continues to cave in, I am inspired by many of you to continue pushing forward in the face of tribulation.

Although this year seems to be against you, I want you to know that there are others out there who are waiting for you to do great things, things that are greater than this Earth. You may be slouching away, thinking that everyday is just a repetition of yesterday’s routine, and rest assured, it is a universal experience.

But if you are reading this message, and if you are unsure of the future, it is proof to me that you have not given up just yet, and you shouldn’t. There is just one last finish line, and I intend to cross it without a heavy heart. Hopefully, you will do the same with me, too. 

As always,

Owen Agbayani