Sabers return to the field

Football boys train independently


Zaylie Ramos, Reporter

The thrill of playing on a field and enjoying the game is James Campbell High School (JCHS) football players. Although their season doesn’t officially start until September 24th, they still had the chance to train, try out and play in scrimmages before school started. Senior Ezra Filo said,  “Being on the field felt amazing, and playing side by side with my brothers again was the best feeling, I feel like this season is going to look like there’s going to be a lot of heart and passion.” The postponement of all sports hit every athlete, but this didn’t stop the football boys from getting to work. Filo said, “We train at another park and there’s not as much pressure because the coaches aren’t there to put it on us, but we’re there to get better and have fun.”

Another player, senior Diego Betancourt said, “It’s kinda hard to play without the coaches and there’s not a sense of discipline, but we go to do what we go to do.” These boys go out of their way to make themselves better than before.

Football is like a religion for these boys, practicing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, doing EDD which is just individual drills such as cone drills, running drills, playing 7v7, and with pads on some tackling drills. Commitment and love for the game is what keeps JCHS football going, junior Blesyng AluAlu-Tuiolemotu said, “When we practice, we just go there to work, we don’t go there to play around.” Showing up and showing out at Laulani Community Park AluAlu-Tuiolemotu said, “A good amount of boys come out, about 20 to 30. When we practice, we run it like actual practice like our coach is there.”

While it’s astonishing that these boys have devotion for their sport, safety is key since COVID cases are rising and parents could be concerned for their child’s safety, parents are okay with their sons having their own practice as long as their safe, senior Kama Espinda said, “Yes, my parents are okay with me practicing because I am fully vaccinated and if we all practice safely, then there is nothing to worry about.”


Photos courtesy Tanaya Riche