High school social circles influence goals

Blaine Julian Reyes, Reporter

 With the class of 2023 nearing graduation, many seniors around the country prepare for the next chapter of their lives. Some may plan to attend university, others plan to join the workforce. Students may say that the influence of others helped them succeed, and others may have preferred to stay away from the crowd. Social circles impact the way students move forward in their future.

Rachel Diolazo is a graduating senior at James Campbell High School, with a GPA of 3.0, and a member of clubs and organizations such as VOCO, Student Council, HOSA, and Aloha Ambassadors. She has plans of attending college to reach her career goal of becoming a nurse. Because Diolazo is associated with so many clubs, she is able to build relationships between not only students but teachers as well. “Building these kinds of relationships gives you the recognition of other teachers at the school and when you meet new people,” she said. 

Diolazo also believes that her friends and teachers were some of her biggest support systems. “They taught me how to push myself through and motivated me with doing all my work. They have supported me with the things I want to do in life and help me achieve my goals.” Through the impact of her peers, Diolazo believes that she is ready for the next step in her life.

Zakary Tomita is another graduating senior who maintains a standard GPA. But unlike Diolazo, he has limited his social interactions with his classmates and teachers. “I was never really the social type all my life. I would always stay quiet and I never really asked any of my teachers or classmates for advice,” said Tomita. His choice to stay out of social circles affected his academic goals with no letter of recommendations, high school accolades, and extracurricular activities.  

Although Tomita was never social with other students, he explained how his friends were able to give him company. His friends were also able to give Tomita some influence on what he wants to do after graduation.“Without my friends, I couldn’t really tell where I would be. They made my life somewhat interesting. They were also able to convince me to try out community college or maybe follow my dad in trade school.” 

 Tomita is currently deciding if he still wants to pursue secondary education. “Even though I was never the most active student in school, I feel like I can move in a positive direction for my future.” For Diolazo, she anticipates the opportunities she will be given in university. And after closing a different chapter in her life, Diolazo considers herself a successful student of her soon-to-be alma mater. “I think I am a successful product of James Campbell High School, not academically but more as a person.”