A James Campbell High School Homecoming

Sabers Celebrate their Homecoming Week with an Avatar Theme


The James Campbell High School foot ball team doing their Haka at the cheer off assembly. Photo by Mahina Varley.

Sofia Domingo and Vincent Pascua

Homecoming is the one week for students to get kids pumped up, dressed up, and cheering for their home team. Everyone shows off their school spirit either during lunch assemblies or the cheer off. There are competitions during the week between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to see who got more school spirit.  

JCHS Seniors at the cheer off assembly. Photo by Sofia Domingo.

James Campbell High School (JCHS) celebrates homecoming week with the theme of “Sabers of the Elements.” Sabers were dressed in overalls, aloha attire, camouflage clothing, flower crowns, and leis on Thursday, September 28 to fulfill the requirements for the day’s theme of “Down to Earth.”

“For the theme, we decided as a school, the different councils brainstorm different ideas, so our role was to get 2 ideas each, and in the Student Association meeting we vote on it. As for dress out days, the admin played a big role in it, they decided what we could 

and couldn’t use,” said Lauren Cadey, a senior class president in JCHS. “The Junior council came with the theme for this year. The other theme we came up with was flashback because we think everyone likes doing Throwback.”

The theme also related to a television series of Avatar: The Last Airbender, where they use the four classic elements: water, earth, fire, and air. The Avatar represents JCHS, while each of the four elements represents each class.

JCHS Senior banner at the homecoming game. Photo by Makena Pauly.

However, coming up with the theme was not that easy. “It’s a lot of pressure; you have to think about ‘Will they like it?’ and I know a lot of people were bashing it, that’s the most stressful and scary thing about it. You’re the voice of this class, so you have to reach what everyone wants, but it won’t always work out that way, ” said Cadey.

In spite of the pressure and stress, JCHS was filled positive vibes, loud voices and cheering. Students who dressed up patiently waited in line to get points for their class, there were performances from the students and the band which gave the students more energy.

“Homecoming is for students, it’s a week where we show our school pride. And it’s a way to honor the students and their hard work because they get activities and dress out days; but honestly, it’s to show our school spirit,” said Cadey.