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Wrestling Takes More than Mere Muscle Memory, It Takes Mental Strength


Two wrestlers shaking hands at a tournament on Maui. Photo by Angelika Ramos.

Angelika Ramos, Reporter

  Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat. This sport is very competitive and entertaining. Placed first in ancient Greece, wrestling held a major league in the Olympic games and became a sport for all to enjoy. From physical to mental strength, wrestling has a lot to offer; the students in wrestling practice everyday after school from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. They usually do pinning and takedown drills to help prepare them for their next tournament.

Noah Sajor, a senior and wrestler for six years, said, “The advantage about being a wrestler is that you stay fit and healthy and you keep a good mindset.” Sajor and his teammates are preparing for a tournament in Maui.

Two wrestler’s competing at a tournament on Maui. Photo by Angelika Ramos.

Wrestlers work hard; they practice everyday and go to a tournaments every Saturday. They not only prioritize Wrestling, but also their grades. They mustn’t fail any classes because they have to complete grade checks.

Brianna Rivera, a junior and a two year wrestler, said, “In order to handle this sport you have to have a strong mindset. One thing that made me join wrestling was that I just wanted to lose some weight and just be physically stronger.”

They practice different techniques, run, and spare with each other. Dylan-Jay Ignacio, a senior and a wrestler for three years said, “You can get in shape; it makes you stronger and teaches discipline.”

This sport is not only about practicing techniques and tackling each other but also about keeping a strict nutrition regime to stay within a weight class. Wrestlers gain a healthy lifestyle and improve from their strict discipline. Practicing proper nutrition, but balancing calories out is a way to cut weight. Having a strict diet means staying away from fats and fast food to match their weight class for their tournaments every Saturday.

During tournaments, wrestlers are placed on a mat. The tension can be intimidating but that is also why mental strength is important for wrestlers because this sport is all about winning, losing, and being able to handle both.