A Bagel Brunch

My Experience in Kakaako at Morning Brew Coffee and Bistro


The courtyard of SALT at our Kakaako. Photo by Maile Morrel.

Maile Morrell, Reporter

The day started with the menu posted in the window of Morning Brew, one of the many cafes located within the Pa’akai Marketplace of SALT at Our Kakaako. Surrounded by other storefronts and eateries, SALT is the perfect area for a trendy meal or a photo shoot with the nearby murals. The Maple Bacon Waffle caught my eye when perusing the menu. While intriguing, it seemed too ambitious of an endeavor for a brunch date with my girls.

Outdoor seating at Morning Brew Coffee and Bistro. Photo by Maile Morrel.

Despite the time being 9:30 am on a Thursday, lunch was being served all day. The place was hopping with business; young couples sat at nearly every table. Their plates adorned with smoked salmon bagels and French toast, while their cups were filled with organic coffee and iced tea. Fresh pastries piled up in the window display, a muffin glistening in th e sunlight as it was transferred to a bag.

The glass windows expanded through the entire store front. Natural lighting against the abundance of white surfaces reflected the cleanliness and organization of the place.

The hustle and bustle from the downstairs contrasted the composed patrons upstairs. An open staircase invites patrons to sit among an anonymous crowd of computer users and schoolgoers. The simple balcony separates the serenity of top floor from the controlled commotion of the ground floor.

Drink are picked up at this counter. Photo by Maile Morrel.

Cash or credit were both available payment methods. I was given a number and was lucky to find an empty table to sit and wait. Waiting for my order, I silently observed one worker making a Single Brew Pour Over. The espresso beans turned to grounds with a quick grind, were placed in a filter and ready for the water. Steam escaped the kettle as the water hit the grounds and escaped the filter only to collect in the bottom of the holder. “Oh my gosh! I forgot to put a cup!” said the worker. We made eye contact and laughed with each other as went on with our days. The short wait was worth it; a plain bagel with butter and a blended Kona mocha satisfied my hunger and quenched my thirst.

My blended mocha was about the size of a grande from Starbucks and cost $5.25. The bagel with butter was $3.10. Other bagels were available including different toppings like cream cheese, vegan butter, sun dried tomatoes, house-made pesto, or house-made hummus at an additional charge. Their prices are comparable to other chain coffee shops like Starbucks or restaurants like Panera.

Morning Brew is in a very trendy area of downtown, the perfect place for an intimate breakfast date or a wedding party gathering. The cafe has a natural and clean aesthetic and its location is ideal for providing a variety of eating options from the adjacent shops. My bagel was not bad but it wasn’t anything special. The drink was a perfectly blended Kona mocha. It was very affordable considering the quality of the ingredients used and competition to lease at SALT.

If you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend Morning Brew.

Atmosphere/location: 5/5

Food: 4/5

Drinks: 5/5

Prices: 5/5