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Makena Pauly, Copy Editor/ Website Manager

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Dear Readers,

Since this website is fairly new and most people are also new to Ewa Naupaka itself, introductions are in order. I am Makena Pauly the Copy Editor and now the Website Manger of Ewa Naupaka, my personal goal is to become a writer and my goal for Ewa Naupaka is to write as much as I can in the remainder of my senior year. Ewa Naupaka is James Campbell High School’s (JCHS) official news publication, until a few weeks ago we only produced a magazine that was sent out every few months, but now we we are glad to say we have a website too.

Makena Pauly the Copy Editor/Website Manager

I’m very excited that we finally got the website up and running. Originally it was only my always push forward attitude that bugged my teacher to get this website up. In turn she bugged the administration, but all that pestering was worth it because it made all this possible. Now we can bring the news to JCHS quicker with quality, like our official mission states.

Creating this website has been a learning process for me. I’ve learned to put more faith in my amazing reporters, who are more than capable of sticking to my high paced publication schedule, but one thing I learned from going on Ewa Naupaka’s summer trip was: We are far behind when it comes to news coverage.

Most mainland schools have had websites for their school papers for years. They are extremely involved with the community, very serious, and have staffs well over 30. JCHS on the other hand has a very small, but committed staff, that is stretched too thin. We can not cover every event that happens in the schoolthough we want tobecause our numbers are too small. This website will at least help us in the endeavour to catch up to the mainland, but we need more staff members. If any student is interesting in writing for the school paper please contact us. We will accept articles from any student at JCHS, as long as the other editors and I approve the topic we can publish the article on the website and maybe even in the magazine.  Articles can be submitted by the email below.

My hope is that someday the news lovers of Campbell will add this website to their list of trusted news sites. For now we are still improving. Although we don’t have a wide range of topics, articles come out on a weekly cycle and are uploaded every monday. Please continue reading our work and following our progress, and if anyone is interested in submitting articles we accept them at any time.

If you have any suggestions or you merely want to help us improve, then there is a link to a survey below and you can also comment on the website.

I would also like thank everyone that has helped us create and improve this website thus far and in the future. Your contribution is greatly valued.


Makena Pauly,

Copy Editor/Website Manager




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