Wired to Connect

Sabers Build Bonds via Online Platforms

Maddycin Mamasig, Reporter

COVID-19 has made it pretty hard to maintain communication within friendships and family due to the limited face-to-face contact that people are allowed to have with one another. Social distancing has given many people an obstacle to face.

James Campbell High School (JCHS) students have been doing different things to keep in touch.

The primary approach to communication is through texting and social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, known for their features where users can share memories through videos and pictures, as well as Tiktok which has been praised for its variety of content in videos from dancing to comedy.

Many social networking sites also have features where users can call and DM (direct message) people, which is very similar to texting using the messaging app built into their phone.

A significant part in keeping contact with family and friends is video calling through apps such as FaceTime and Discord, a platform popular among the gaming community that has features such as servers where groups of people can connect, chat, and call. Although it is mainly directed to gamers, it has proven to be a good source of standard communication.

Houseparty is another app similar to standard FaceTime that has recently gained popularity during quarantine. What many users enjoy about it are the built-in games like Uno, Trivia, and Quick Draw. Kevi Lynn Tsubaki, 9, said, “I really like the games on Houseparty. It gives my friends and I something to do together virtually while on the call.”

To combat the battle of trying to keep social during quarantine, some students have found a sort of routine.  Trinity Aquino-Quisano, 10, said, “Most of the time, what happens is that I go on call with at least one of my friends for a good amount of time. I do that about everyday to keep in touch with people.” Students have reported that finding a sense of routine through quarantine helps them manage as much of a “normal lifestyle” as they can through these times.

Gaming also plays a good part in keeping touch. Some games that students are playing to hang out with friends virtually are: Valorant, a first person shooter game; Animal Crossing, a Nintendo social simulation game based on making friends and building their own island; Among Us, a social deduction game where players tasked with finding the imposter/murderer of their team as well as completing mini duties; and, Minecraft, a widely known sandbox game, meaning it gives players as much creative freedom as to how they want to approach playing the game.

Orlando Blanco, 10, said, “We would call and play Minecraft together and that’s how we talk to each other and catch up on what has been going on.”

Quarantine has served as a big obstacle in everyone’s lives, especially since communication in relationships with friends and family is vital. It is up to the community to figure out ways to overcome this obstacle together in this “new normal” so that isolation doesn’t take over the bonds that have been made with one another.