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High School Students become more Independent by Working Part-Time Jobs

Sofia Domingo, Reporter

Part-time jobs for high school students are not just about earning money at an early age, it is also about learning to become more independent and responsible.

A senior student at James Campbell High School (JCHS), Laila Valdez, has a part-time job at Infinitea where she makes the drinks for her customers. “I enjoy my job because a lot of people from my school work here and I also meet people from other places; it’s actually fun and it’s not boring,” Valdez said.

Valdez usually works 18 to 20 hours per week, however, she still makes time for her homework. “I try to make time for everything, I plan everything out so I know that I’m going to get things done in a certain time. I just prioritized.,” Valdez said.

Tea from Infinitea. Photo by Sofia Domingo.

Furthermore, Valdez thinks that it helps students become more independent, “You’re starting to realize that you’re making your own money and you have to be responsible for budgeting your money,” said Valdez. It is crucial for students to know how to manage their finances; It helps them prioritize their expenses and spend their money wisely.

Charity Curran is also a senior student at JCHS and part-timer at Infinitea. She also enjoys her job and became more financially independent when she got her part-time job. “Before I had the job, I would ask my parents for money, but now that I have it, I don’t have to keep asking because I already have my own. Plus, it helps me be more responsible,” said Curran.

A high school student with a part-time job can be more open-minded, “It exposes you to different things and how to deal with people. For me, my job helps me realize that a lot of people are very picky and sensitive and you have to learn how to deal with them. It teaches us how to interact,” said Valdez. Teenagers get real world experience from part-time jobs, which helps them prepare for their futures as independent adults.