T-Building takes shape

Photo Courtesy Jo Ann Mastin
The expected date of completion for T-Building has been postponed to February 2020 – a two month delay from the original completion deadline of December.

At James Campbell High School (JCHS) the construction of a 41 million dollar building started on February 14th, 2018. The new building is supposed to be called T-Building. The new building is due to be finished around February 24th, 2020, or as soon as January.

JCHS vice-principal, Shayne Greenland, said this new building “is a state of the art building. It’s actually five different buildings put together by some catwalks.” Greenland also said that the “kids of Ewa Beach deserve something new and more modern.”

News of the building being postponed brings a lot of questions as to why and Greenland, who often communicates with the construction team, said, “They were trying to push around February 24th. The contractor is hoping to get more towards January.”  A busted beam it caused the delay in construction because a new one needed to be ordered from the mainland.

The building has Academy of Public and Human Services (PHS) classrooms and “some of the new science labs.” Apart from PHS some of the classrooms include “a new culinary kitchen, 27 general classrooms, some of those being for Hawaiian studies with a small stage, it’ll have some other common learning units,” said Greenland.

With this new construction project there are more than one way it improves the JCHS campus, Greenland said that “We’re also looking at trying to add some other benches and stuff on campus so that kids will have a place to go sit and have some lunch.” Greenland also has hope that “we start seeing a lot more student groups that are doing beautification projects and murals and different things that they take pride in their community, we’re hoping that will catch on. Because we want the make the campus beautiful and branded as nice as we can.”