C/2021 Bulldogs: On a Virtual Leash

Class of 2021 seniors begin their last high school year online and experiences the “future” of learning.


Before Covid-19, the James Campbell High School Class of 2021 leaders could gather and celebrate their time together.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing orders, the James Campbell High School (JCHS) Class of 2021 Bulldogs (class mascot) students began their senior year like no other. Instead of enjoying each other’s company and making lifelong memories, the Bulldogs started their final year of high school in their homes and online. Due to these circumstances, many of the seniors faced uncertainties about the preparation for their post secondary plans after high school. Therefore, many of the seniors are reaching out to each other, making the best out of the situations, and remaining positive in these erratic times.

“Things, such as homecoming, and different events that the seniors really look forward to had to be pushed back, which is super unfortunate,” said senior class president, Jezarae Ragasa. She said her class council is collaborating to create alternate events if social distancing continues throughout the whole school year. With many questions and unknown certainties of the pandemic, the seniors are learning to be flexible and accommodating to change. “This year so far has just been about adjusting to the circumstances and really having to work around the different obstacles that have been taking place this year,” said Ragasa. 

Not only have the memorable school events been on hold, but the in-classroom learning has also been switched to being held online. Instead of pens and paper, every student is now typing and scrolling through their class assignments. “Online classes are pretty unique,” said cadet commander Isabelle Juan, who is part of the school’s Navy JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. “The only good thing about being in a pandemic is it gives us a blessing to stay at home and kind of relax and kind of be independent,” Juan said.

Although the transition to online learning was easy for some, other seniors found a variety of challenges that came with the transition. For example, Juan expressed how her dependence on wifi and the internet has been one of the hardest parts of the online transition. This shows how virtual learning has caused both positive and negative effects on the seniors. However, it is important to “understand that being online and just doing everything virtually is the safest route to take,” as Ragasa said. She also reported the creation of links by the class council that provides information and support to seniors in need of help, which are posted on their social media platforms.

A series of multiple posts that the c/2021 student council creates on their Instagram account that contains links and information concerning the seniors.

Although it is not the ideal start to senior year, the Bulldogs are reminded by their class president to stay “on top of our games despite everything that’s happening around us.”  As graduation day approaches, seniors are continuing with their studies and preparation for their plans after high school. In order to improve these circumstances, it is important to follow health guidelines and remain optimistic. Juan said “Be open to change and be open to adapt to situations beyond your control.”