A Strikeback for Redemption

The Saber Varsity Baseball Team Goes to Playoffs with a 9-1 Winning Streak


Logan Carvalho follows through his pitch with perfect form striking out the opponent. Photo by Logan Carvalho.

Coming from a 1-5 season in 2017, the James Campbell High School (JCHS) Saber Varsity Baseball team hit it off in a new season with a 9-1 winning streak, making it to the Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) playoffs and states.

Despite the one loss against the Pearl City Chargers, the JCHS Sabers wanted to redeem themselves. With practices stretching up to two hours, the team continuously worked on fundamentals and does a series of game situations. The season had been a lot of ups and downs, but the team pushed through and kept their heads in the game. “The only thing is getting used to playing with each other, because we need that bond on and off the field, and having trust with one another,” Nicholas Sampson, the senior team captain, said.

Before each game starts, individuals listen to music to get them in their beast mode, hold a team meeting and have a team prayer. “The feeling of being on the field is the best, especially when you make plays and clutch up during a bat,” Sampson said.

They decided to step up their game to achieve the goal of winning playoffs and states. Jamin Kalaola, a 12th grade pitcher and first base defender, said, “We’re hitting less than we were last year but I think we have more starting pitchers in our rotation, so that helps our team be more successful. Compared to last year where we only utilized about four pitchers majority of the season.” Having more pitchers is an advantage because it allows the other pitchers to rest more and use that opportunity to let them play at other positions they excel at. Although they have struggled to make more hits as a team, they currently lead their division and aim to improve more as the season progresses.