Among Us- The Trending Game of September 2020

Destiny-Jade Domingo, Reporter

Despite being released in June of 2018, the mafia-like multiplayer game has really sparked the interest of many teens and people in general early September of this year (2020).

Among Us is a multiplayer game that requires players to put teamwork and skills of deceit to the test.  The game can be played with friends, taking place in space where players have two roles; Crewmate or Impostor

Crewmates take on tasks needed to complete to win the game but only works if every player finishes theirs.  Impostors are, well not a crewmate but pretends to be and whose objective is to kill every other player to win the game.  Players are given or can choose a color to play as and are given options to customize their character minimally.  Everyone looks the same except for the color and whatever accessory they choose to have.

The online game is much like the card game Mafia, where everyone has to guess who the impostor is, or imposters, are without the roles of a nurse/medic or cop.  There’s no narrator and no talking until it’s time to discuss the events that lead to the death of a crewmate. The game requires players to hold the discussion, and in the world of quarantine, this might mean opening a Zoom meeting or something similar.  It’s everyone against the impostor(s).

There can be more than one impostor the more players there are in a server; maximum number of players is ten, with a choice of three different maps and a maximum of three imposters.  Players can also choose to be in the North America continent server, Europe, or Asia.

Chad Ocean, 16-year old teen, has gotten into the game a little earlier than when it started getting popular.  “A youtuber named Kaif plays it a lot.  Even before the game blew up” he says.   He also gave some tips to playing the game.  “Everyone has a common task (ie: turn key, swipe card), everyone has those tasks.  If you are a crewmate and you see someone doing a common task that you do not have, they are the impostor.”

Jeremy Viray has more tips, even to being the impostor.  He said that if you’re a crewmate, then try to finish your tasks as quickly as you can.  Staying in groups gives the imposter a harder time to kill.  “Checking things like vitals and cameras are game changers that help crewmates win the game.”

Impostors are given the luxury of sabotaging things like the doors in a room(s), reactor meltdowns, oxygen depletion; things that crewmates need to fix/stop in order to stay alive, otherwise the impostor wins.

Emergency meetings are a thing, as well as reporting a dead body if players come across one, which stops the game and gives participants time to discuss whatever they need to determine who the impostor is while keeping in mind that the impostor is unknown. The impostor can throw suspicion away from them and cause others to think it is not them. After discussion time, players are able to vote to “eject” someone from the ship/or map and continue with tasks.

Discord servers dedicated to keeping friends connected while playing the game make the game even more fun!  Voice channels within the server allow some very interesting and intense discussion times, keeping in mind that players are not allowed to talk during the game until it’s time to discuss and vote, things may get heated or very entertaining.

“If people are lingering around you too much, they could be imposter or they think it’s you,” said Viray. 

Overall, this not necessarily new but trending game seems to be all it’s hyped up to be.  It may be a game of teamwork and betrayal but it sure is a game that brings friends and family members together to bring out their inner detective-survivor traits. 

This game is available on mobile and PC.